Celebration of Buddha Jyanti

Celebration of Buddha Jyanti

Buddha Jayanti Celebration has been held on 21st May 2016 at Rajghat, New Delhi

Meeting with Honorable Dr. Mahesh Sharma , Minister of Culture and Tourism, Government of India

 Meritorious Deeds

Meritorious Deeds

He delights here, He delights hereafter, The doer of good delights in both the world, \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"thinking I have done good\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\", even he delights more when passed away to the next world.

1st International Buddhist Conference held on 7th to 9th May 2018 in Guwahati, Assam, India



About Us

Global Buddhist Foundation is a Buddhist religious organization (Govt. registered) established in 2015, with the main motto of developing peace and unity…


The Religion is set of beliefs, feelings,and practices the relations between human beings and religion another name is “Humanity”. It is a tool that..


Website Launching By Honorable CM Arvind Kejriwal

Today Global Buddhist Foundation website has been launched by Shri Arvind Kejriwal ( Honorable Chief Minister Of Delhi Pradesh,India on 31 May 2016.

President Message

As a president I feel great joy to work with Global Buddhist Foundation in order to develop peace, love and respect to each other. People should able to lead the life of happiness and let them lead their ways of good life. I wish every being must spread true love all the times.

A human life is hard to gain therefore make the best use of it.

Vice-President Message

To develop an organization it needs not only financial support but also it requires social support from well-wishers and donors. I personally believe that there would be many supporters who would come forward to work together with us. I have many dreams to be fulfilled sooner or later through this Foundation. I feel we can achieve any target when we are together and walk together in this wonderful sojourn of great mission.

Secretary Message

Lead a freedom life, don’t be so dependent on others, and help even a little when it is possible, for it will make one to be freed from greed, anger and animosity.

Give up selfishness it will lead one to the path of downwards. One needs to improve many skills and put some more effort to achieve one’s wishes like others. At the same time meditation is required to keep away tensions & negativity by doing so happiness can be achieved.