Celebration of Buddha Jyanti

Celebration of Buddha Jyanti

Buddha Jayanti Celebration has been held on 21st May 2016 at Rajghat, New Delhi

Meeting with Honorable Dr. Mahesh Sharma , Minister of Culture and Tourism, Government of India

 Meritorious Deeds

Meritorious Deeds

He delights here, He delights hereafter, The doer of good delights in both the world, \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"thinking I have done good\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\", even he delights more when passed away to the next world.

1st International Buddhist Conference held on 7th to 9th May 2018 in Guwahati, Assam, India




Religion is a set of beliefs, and practices in relation between among human beings connected to humanity. It is a tool that provides society in unity based on scientific,logical and clear understanding where one feels free to see before practicing it. It must have the quality to give one the freedom from all kinds of suffering and should bring solution in day to day life. It should be a cause to a person to make changes; one from misery to happiness, anger to good-will, ignorance to wisdom.


Every human life is not perfect and powerful without good education which must be supported by moral education with clear understanding. Therefore, quality education has to be taught to young generations, so that, they may become good human beings for our future. But, in present situation education system seems to be imperfect. Education is powerful tool which brings about quality only when it is based on moral guidance and it must be used to right approach, otherwise, it may be very dangerous to one and all.


Peace plays an important role in every part of human as long as one survives. Peace is the mental food of the mind which makes life satisfactory, without it human life is empty. To achieve it some rules has to be followed or else it would not be possible to be in Peace. It is needed in every step of life either for a society or an individual. A simple step is that a pure and wise mind always brings peace in Mind.


When meditation is done properly it not only brings about inner peace but it also purifies one’s mind, for this purpose one needs to practice meditation in daily basis.

The benefits are-

Peace of mind
Satisfaction in life
Tension free life
Power to control over mind and body
Control over action of Body, Speech and mind
Control over emotion
Control over greed, hatred and ignorance
Free from sickness which arise from tension
Strong Mindfulness
Wisdom arises on suffering of life
One becomes fearless of dying
One won’t fall to the four lower states
One is dear to both human and non-human beings
One sleeps well