Celebration of Buddha Jyanti

Celebration of Buddha Jyanti

Buddha Jayanti Celebration has been held on 21st May 2016 at Rajghat, New Delhi

Meeting with Honorable Kiren Rijiju, Minister of State for Home Affairs, Government of India

Meeting with Honorable Dr. Mahesh Sharma , Minister of Culture and Tourism, Government of India

 Meritorious Deeds

Meritorious Deeds

He delights here, He delights hereafter, The doer of good delights in both the world, \"thinking I have done good\", even he delights more when passed away to the next world.


Five / Pancha Niyama

The functioning of the principle of Dependent Origination applies to all things, both physical and mental, and expresses itself through a number of natural laws. These are:

Dhammaniyama: the natural law of cause and effect;

Utuniyama: the natural law pertaining to physical objects (physical laws);

Bijaniyama: the natural law pertaining to living things and heredity (biological laws);

Cittaniyama: the natural law governing the workings of the mind (psychological or psychic laws);

Kammaniyama: the law of kamma, which is of particular importance in determining human well-being and is directly related to behavior from an ethical perspective.

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